Positive Effects from Harry Potter

Some may curious about how to become an excellent writer. JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter suggest that budding authors should own some essential qualities, such as resilience, humility and courage, etc. JK Rowling’s writing give most readers a glimpse into the thinking behind the writing. It is hidden connotations that have made her one of the most famous and highest paid authors.

Avoiding of must-do matters on her list, Rowling indicates that successful authors need to stumble along in a specific direction. Although most people may believe such a direction as a dead end, it’s necessary to break down cliches about children’s books in the process. Male protagonist is not fashionable and boarding school is anathema. In general, kids book are less than 45,000 words. Instead of telling would-be writers some necessary skills, she tells what they could not do. Some obvious characteristics of authors include reading widely, self-discipline, resilience as well as humility. In general, the harshest critic exists in your head. A writer must have courage and independence.

In addition, she also suggests that what are useful and worthy for all beginners and what should be avoided at all costs. The last segment of her three-part series inspires most people’s insight into a n ill-advised tweet last week. It’s difficult to lay out how wizards went to toilet ahead of the arrival of plumbing. Some resources reveal that no matter where they stood, they could get rid of the evidence through vanishing spells. Rowling said she could have talked one hour a day with Harry Potter fans about characters, plot twists and theories. But she didn’t do that, because she tries to work on new projects, struggling to provide better works to readers.

Harry Potter and Hogwarts’ Merchandise

In November 2001, some mocked the Pottermania surrounding the franchised film — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The magazine fabricated fake ridiculous sounding on their peripheral merchandise. But now, what jaw-dropping is the reality. Many British brands have taken up exclusive Potter ranges: such as boots, wand-shaped brushes and lip balms. It has been 12 years after the last book of Harry Potter. What is the secret of ubiquitous peripheral products? Harry Potter has appealed diverse customers. Certainly, Potter merchandise is not something new — Marks & Spencer had a range in the early 21st century. However, all things changed last March, because Warner Bros has announced its ownership of a new brand: WIZARDING WORLD.

Combining Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s new Fantastic Beasts, it allows Potter merchandise to be sold in a new form. We found that the increasing demand could not stop at the Fantastic Beasts collection. On the contrary, it extends back to the Harry Potter universe. As the Harry Potter universe matures and returns, they are seeking ‘magic-infused’ day-to-day items: fashionable non-replica clothing, kitchenware, stationery,” says Cinereplicas. 

Hogwarts Sorting Hat

In Harry Potter, the Hogwarts Sorting Hat is an important part of famous psychological tests. It is more important than Myers-Briggs or whether you are a Carrie. It also contributes to personality trivial in reality at BuzzFeed, Pottermore, the Guardian and other sites. In recent days, Time Magazine created a sophisticated Sorting Hat quiz on the basis of psychological measures like Big Five human traits. Sorting Hat at Hogawarts plays an important role in one’s life, because it could determine a student’s social and sporting life, academic track and career. Is it possible for any psychological test to place students at such a young age accurately? I have asked a clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu. He is also a fan of Harry Potter and host of YouTube’s the PsychShow. He gives his analysis:

For the Hogwarts Sorting Hat itself, I have no issues. All my issues are related to the idea that a hat could read thoughts, values and wishes of all first-year Hogwarts student. It’s a terrible way to operate a school by sorting students into houses. Values, thoughts and personality of a twenty-something person will change and develop at specific time. In fact, we have no ways to figure out whether someone is going to be primarily brave, loyal and wise like a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin at 11 or 12. At that age, young and shy students may be panic when they come across something tricky. In general, a twenty-something person is more confident and mature than one at a young age.

However, it’s bad news for all students. It’s a dangerous message that who you are is fixed at the Hogwarts sorting ceremony. In fact, one could change the track of your life when you believe abilities is just the critical factor. All of these ideas are called a growth mindset. The Sorting Hat conveys some messages, “This is who you are, this is who you will be and you should go along with the preset track.” A kid who struggles with reading and refused from Ravenclaw might believe he or she may not adapt at reading and revert to pursue more physically intensive careers. To a certain extent, the sorting ceremony is also a self-satisfying tool. Viewing from Milgram’s obedience experiment and Standford prison study, the long-term psychological experiments prove that situations are powerful, and we are easily to take on qualities that are expected of us.

This is also the reason of business students get adapted at entrepreneurship, lawyers good at detailed information and physicians are standout in diagnosticians. Segregating students by houses will obscure their creativity. As we all know, teams will become creative when people with different academic backgrounds. Students from a same group feature same qualities, which leave them in segregation and suggest the same solutions. When it refers to TIME’s test, the Big Five is a great measure of personality. But all related outcomes are only represent one’s personality right now.

Harry Potter: Costumes and Accessories

Many fans of Harry Potter may would like to get exactly costumes and accessories as those in a series of films. When I was warned there was a werewolf on the loose, I was drinking beers. A person in a black robe suddenly broke into the tavern door and wave his plastic wand. He shouted, “Everyone to your common rooms.” Then the room empties.

It’s only a role-playing party. I have spent the weekend at a Polish castle, in a disguise of schoolgirl wizard. We tried to put hexes on each other, and all of us sleep in a mixed dormitory. We also wear similar costumes and accessories in films, such as robes, glasses, beret hat us and the like. It sounds great. The College of Wizardry is a Larp, in which more than 140 players from 29 countries are holding a live action role playing. Certainly, there are not only role-playing games like Harry Potter. They are not just knock-off games to keep Warner Bros and JK Rowling Sweet. And we received warnings that if we use the spells from books or a real house name, we will be dragged by a man in a suit.

In spite all above matters, tricky conditions could not stop hardcore fans. A woman called Marie in black lipstick quit her job in America and came here. She said it’s the second to at the college. The college has been founded from 2014. “You don’t know what will happen to you”, the woman said in our dormitory, in which a thirty-something is tightening his tie and wearing his shorts. After primary school, I didn’t play make-believe. But now, I am a “first-year witch from Iceland” with a mysterious past. I have been told some information in advance. In other words, I’ll take the identity to eat, breathe and sleep in the following two and a half days.

In a luxurious hall of Czocha Castle, having been built in the 13th century, many fellow Larpers are comparing and discussing their agendas excitedly. The crowd is split into two groups, and some of them have never heard the game prior to come across the College of Wizardry. It’s time to leave the mundane world outside. Everyone has got a sheet printed with “school song”. And now, we need sing it together. All people filtering around the tables will eat Polish food together and they are in different disguises like those of ghosts, goblins and teachers. All of us are trying to stay in character and keeping the small talk going. We drink and talk with each other. All measures work. After an embarrassing first hour, I come across a wild-eyed “witch” named Hannah.

“Would you like to find a secret passageway?” she asked. I think it is not a come-on, so I roll with it. And we find bookshelves that connect to underground prisons and parties in full swing. We stop to chat with the strange “prefect” who are patrolling the corridors. At the moment, I am starting to have fun. Some people already fell into asleep when I ushered in my dorm.