Positive Effects from Harry Potter

Some may curious about how to become an excellent writer. JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter suggest that budding authors should own some essential qualities, such as resilience, humility and courage, etc. JK Rowling’s writing give most readers a glimpse into the thinking behind the writing. It is hidden connotations that have made her one of the most famous and highest paid authors.

Avoiding of must-do matters on her list, Rowling indicates that successful authors need to stumble along in a specific direction. Although most people may believe such a direction as a dead end, it’s necessary to break down cliches about children’s books in the process. Male protagonist is not fashionable and boarding school is anathema. In general, kids book are less than 45,000 words. Instead of telling would-be writers some necessary skills, she tells what they could not do. Some obvious characteristics of authors include reading widely, self-discipline, resilience as well as humility. In general, the harshest critic exists in your head. A writer must have courage and independence.

In addition, she also suggests that what are useful and worthy for all beginners and what should be avoided at all costs. The last segment of her three-part series inspires most people’s insight into a n ill-advised tweet last week. It’s difficult to lay out how wizards went to toilet ahead of the arrival of plumbing. Some resources reveal that no matter where they stood, they could get rid of the evidence through vanishing spells. Rowling said she could have talked one hour a day with Harry Potter fans about characters, plot twists and theories. But she didn’t do that, because she tries to work on new projects, struggling to provide better works to readers.

Harry Potter and Hogwarts’ Merchandise

In November 2001, some mocked the Pottermania surrounding the franchised film — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The magazine fabricated fake ridiculous sounding on their peripheral merchandise. But now, what jaw-dropping is the reality. Many British brands have taken up exclusive Potter ranges: such as boots, wand-shaped brushes and lip balms. It has been 12 years after the last book of Harry Potter. What is the secret of ubiquitous peripheral products? Harry Potter has appealed diverse customers. Certainly, Potter merchandise is not something new — Marks & Spencer had a range in the early 21st century. However, all things changed last March, because Warner Bros has announced its ownership of a new brand: WIZARDING WORLD.

Combining Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s new Fantastic Beasts, it allows Potter merchandise to be sold in a new form. We found that the increasing demand could not stop at the Fantastic Beasts collection. On the contrary, it extends back to the Harry Potter universe. As the Harry Potter universe matures and returns, they are seeking ‘magic-infused’ day-to-day items: fashionable non-replica clothing, kitchenware, stationery,” says Cinereplicas. 

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